Roland Tembo Costuming Guide

The venerable big game hunter Roland Tembo has a wealthy wardrobe to match his stature. Outfitted mostly by Willis & Geiger, Roland’s outfit is as safari ready as his experience is. I would like to thank the members at the Fedora Lounge and the RPF for the ID on the jacket and hat respectively.

Roland wears a tan, Willis & Geiger Hemingway style bush jacket. This jacket is lightweight, and was designed by famous writer and outdoorsman Ernest Hemingway himself for safari in Africa. The jacket runs big, about 4 sizes larger than marked, so a size 40 will fit a size 44 man. Roland keep a large rifle slug in each of the slug pockets that’s above the left breast pocket. The sleeves are worn rolled up. Lost Worlds Inc make a repro, but originals are common on eBay and far cheaper.

Roland wears a plain white, short sleeved button up shirt, which he tucks into his shorts. The shirt has no visible breast pockets.

Roland wears a plain pair of khaki dress shorts.

Roland’s belt is made by Willis & Geiger, and has a brass, palm-leaf shaped “cavalry” buckle and is made of buffalo leather. Orvis makes a repro for about $70.

Roland Tembo’s hat is a Will & Geiger Kalahari safari hat with custom braided hat band replacing the original bands. Here’s a picture of the original hat along with the hat in the movie:

Unfortunately, these hats are exceptionally rare, although they will appear on eBay from time to time. Here’s an original Willis & Geiger hat converted into Roland Tembo’s hat.





Messenger Bag:
Although seldom seen at Roland’s side, his messenger bag is a Willis & Geiger messenger map bag.

Roland wear 8 inch leather moccasin boots made by W.C. Russell Moccasin Company of Wisconsin. The exact model is unknown, although they may be The Big Cambo’s boot. He folds his hiking socks over the tops.









Roland’s are a gold rimmed aviator type by Kanda Slimfold. The exact model is the SF 013, with brown tint lenses. Roland keeps them stowed in the inner pocket of his bush jacket when he’s not wearing them. Jon Erik Bu is credited with this identification.



Necklace – A beaded chain containing a gold wedding band and a round silver, coin-like trinket.

Earring – Simple, small gold hoop earring.

Elephant Hair braid – A simple braid made of elephant hair is tied around Roland’s right wrist. It can easily be recreated with a length of leather shoe string.






Watch – Roland wears a Rolex Datejust tutone with yellow gold fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet on his left wrist:

Perhaps the most rare piece of Roland’s costume his Searcy .600 Nitro Express double barrelled rifle, an elephant gun used to bring down the biggest of African mammals. A toy double barrelled shotgun would probably suffice:

3 thoughts on “Roland Tembo Costuming Guide”

  1. For the safari jacket MidwayUSA makes a repro of it for like $70 its not 100% accurate because it doesn’t have the inside pocket but still pretty good repro

  2. @Zack thanks for the lead on the Hemingway safari jacket. I own an original, but will be buying the MidwayUSA repro to compare.
    The Kanda Slimfold in that particular model have eluded me, but with Roland Tembo it is after all about the hunt.

  3. @TDMFletcher No problem, am always happy to help out with hunt, here’s my email I would love to hear what your thoughts are on it I haven’t been able to get my hands on an original jacket yet.

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