Level One – The Beach (T/C)

The first level of Trespasser begins with Anne waking up on a beach, with the wreckage of the plane she’d been on behind her. After searching in vain for the plane’s pilot and crew, she makes her way up a rocky hill, which leads up to a large clearing with several partially-constructed buildings scattered about. The player can use this area to get the hang of the game’s controls if he so chooses.

Turning right, Anne begins to follow a dark dirt road, which is blocked by a wooden gate. The player can simply walk into the gate or ouch on it using Anne’s hand, causing it to fall over. With the path clear again, Anne continues on, finding a small weapons cache left behind by Site B‘s former human occupants: two Smith & Wesson 686‘s, one Desert Eagle, and one SPAS-12 shotgun.

After getting used to the feel of the guns by using a makeshift shooting gallery and choosing two to carry with her, Anne continues on to another gate, with several crates beside it. The player can either stack the crates to make a sort of stairway and jump over the gate, or use a gun to shoot it open. Going through, Anne comes across a billboard, telling her that she is, in fact, on Isla Sorna, InGen‘s famous Site B.

Eventually, Anne comes to a ditch. Nearby is a truck, with a BAR Safari rifle close by. In the ditch are several crates. The player can stack these in a stair-like pattern to get to the other side of the ditch.

Once out of the ditch, Anne continues on, and find her first dinosaurs: two Brachiosaurs, a juvenile and an adult. Both are apparently impervious to gunfire, for it is impossible for the player to kill them if he chooses to try.

Moving on, Anne comes to- wait for it- another ditch, with- wait for it- more crates, which are stacked close to the edge. The player can simply push them over into the ditch, and use them as makeshift stepping-stones to get across.

Following the path, Anne comes to a large clearing. To her left is a truck, close to which is a Desert Eagle. In this clearing, Anne comes across her first potential threat- a Velociraptor. After dropping it, she continues on.

The next puzzle Anne comes across is a sort of seesaw. Climbing on, she quickly runs across and jumps to the adjacent ledge. A Desert Eagle can be found down the road, in an open white rectangular box.

After continuing down the path and taking out another raptor, Anne comes across a large monorail structure. Ascending the stairs, she jumps onto the monorail itself. Walking down the length of the monorail, she jumps a large gap, and then leaps down over another fence, ending the level.