Ramsay Cole (S/F)

Ramsay Cole- Head of Communications

Ramsay Cole was the Head of Communications at Biosyn Genetics, and as such worked in the facility at Biosyn Valley.  As such, Cole was likely tasked with running public relations for the company’s image. Cole was perhaps one of the closest employees to Lewis Dodgson within the company, such that Dodgson even considered him as his potential protege.

Prior to the Biosyn Valley incident, Dodgson became acquainted with Ian Malcolm, a recent hire to the company, who led him on the path to becoming disillusioned with Biosyn. Cole was the one who first informed Malcolm about the Hexapod Allies project involving the bioengineered locusts, setting into plan the motion of events that would cause the downfall of Biosyn during the Biosyn Valley Incident.

The Biosyn Valley Incident

Cole was tasked with greeting Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler as they arrived in the airstrip adjacent to Biosyn Valley. Cole ferried the pair via helicopter, informing them of the work performed at Biosyn Valley, and giving them a bit of history surrounding the company.  Landing in the central compound, Cole would introduce the pair of them to the CEO, Lewis Dodgson, as he warmly greeted them, and left them to be chaperoned by Cole.

Ramsay would lead them into a lecture held by Ian Malcolm, before he would allow Grant and Sattler to take a break for refreshments with their old friend, before he continued on with his tour of the facilities. Along the way, he would showcase some dinosaurs under observation such as a Moros Intrepidus, and a Microceratus. After the tour was concluded, Ramsay left the pair alone, informing the pair that he would be waiting at the Hyperloop when they were ready to leave.

Cole met Grant and Sattler at the Hyperloop as they hurried to escape Biosyn. He quickly revealed that he had in fact been working with Malcolm to assist the pair of them in smuggling out the Locust DNA sample. Cole then opened the door for them, appearing surprised to see Maisie Lockwood hiding behind a container, although he urges them all to make their escape quickly.

Ramsay was then summoned to the control room after Dodgson saw that the pair were escaping the facility. Seeing that the Hyperloop was paused, Cole suggested that a security team should be dispatched, but this suggestion was dismissed by Dodgson. Ramsay was then ordered by Dodgson to help Malcolm pack his things, but before he did that, he was able to get the location of the abandoned Hyperloop pod.

Malcolm and Cole then snuck into a garage, formulating their plan, as Cole directed him to the access gate where the trio would exit. While they did so, he managed to unlock the security gate, just in time to save the lives of Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Maisie Lockwood. Shortly afterwards, Ramsay would be alerted along with every other employee, of the impending evacuation of the park due to the flaming Locust Swarm. Before leaving, Ramsay confronted Dodgson so that he would know who it was that had betrayed him.

Ramsay would return to the control room to join Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcolm, Maisie Lockwood, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Kayla Watts. Ramsay informed the group that they needed to redistribute available power to the ADS, which would allow them to leave in relative safety, directing them to server room 3. Ramsay was also able to inform Grady of where the velociraptor, Beta was currently, as she was in subway floor seven.

As the group prepared to evacuate, they exited into the courtyard, where Kayla Watts was to await them via helicopter. However just before they were to leave, they were confronted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, who was in the middle of a territorial dispute with the Giganotosaurus. Fleeing to escape the struggle, Ramsay was briefly trapped underneath rubble, with the fallen Rex holding the slab in place. They were saved by the timely intervention of a nearby Therinzinosauruswho distracted the apex predator long enough for the group to escape on the helicopter.

Post Incident

Immediately after landing safely on the Biosyn Airstrip, Cole and Malcolm would relate the circumstances of the incident to the Italian Authorities. Cole’s testimony regarding Biosyn’s illegal dealings would result in a series of hearings by the United States Congress.